Bru’s Journey to 20/20 – Questions & Answers with Dr. Basha

Are you caught up on Bru’s Journey to 20/20 and just want to hear some of Dr. Basha’s answers once more? Below is a collection of all the questions so far!

From The Consultation

Question: What are some of the things I would need to know about my eyes to be a good candidate for Lasik?

Question: Does Lasik surgery permanently correct my vision?

From The Surgery and Post-Surgery Visit

Question: What advice do you have for someone preparing for Lasik surgery?

Question: What perks are there to doing Lasik now versus five to ten years ago?

Question: What happens now that the surgery is done?

Question: What are initiatives that one can use to get Lasik eye surgery?

Question: Following my surgery, when do I visit you for a check-up? 

Question: What is the history of Fraser Eye Care Center with Lasik eye surgery?

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