Bru’s Journey to 20/20 – Questions & Answers with Dr. Basha

Are you caught up on Bru’s Journey to 20/20 and just want to hear some of Dr. Basha’s answers once more? Below is a collection of all the questions so far!

From The Consultation

Question: What are some of the things I would need to know about my eyes to be a good candidate for Lasik?

Question: Does Lasik surgery permanently correct my vision?

From The Surgery and Post-Surgery Visit

Question: What advice do you have for someone preparing for Lasik surgery?

Question: What perks are there to doing Lasik now versus five to ten years ago?

Question: What happens now that the surgery is done?

Question: What are initiatives that one can use to get Lasik eye surgery?

Question: Following my surgery, when do I visit you for a check-up? 

Question: What is the history of Fraser Eye Care Center with Lasik eye surgery?

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Nash Notes

Gene Watson Invited to Join the Grand Ole Opry

Gene Watson Invited to Join the Grand Ole Opry

During his set on the Grand Ole Opry on Jan. 17, Gene Watson was surprised by Vince Gill with an invitation to join the esteemed club. “He’s one of the greatest country singers that’s walked the earth,” said Vince during Gene’s introduction. After Gene performed “Sometimes I Get Lucky and Forget” and “Nothing Sure Looked…Continue Reading