Bru’s Journey to 20/20 – The Consultation

Welcome to Bru’s Journey to 20/20! Today is consultation day at the Fraser Eye Care Center where Bru finds out if he is a good candidate for Lasik surgery! Watch his “Day:1 Pre-Consultation Video” below!

And after a series of various tests on his vision and learning some details about his eyes, Bru is approved by Dr. Basha for Lasik surgery at the Fraser Eye Care Center next week!

Good Luck Bru!


In addition, here are some questions that Bru had for Dr. Basha during his free consultation, courtesy of the Fraser Eye Care Center! Watch below to see what Dr. Basha had to say!

Question: What are some of the things I would need to know about my eyes to be a good candidate for Lasik?

Question: Does Lasik surgery permanently correct my vision?

The Next Step of Bru’s Journey | The Surgery

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